'DARE' Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design/illustration
concept, design & presentation book cover 'Dare'.

For the book cover of DARE, we we're asked to create an graphical, challenging image that gets your attention and distinguish itself from other management books.

Art work, Design & Animation

Art Work, Design & Animation
Rogier Pelgrim ft. The Why
Art work, design & animation for the single/remix 'someone' from rogier pelgrim ft. the why

For the new single/remix ’Someone' from Rogier Pelgrim ft. The Why, we we're asked to create the Artwork, design & animation.

Annual Report design 2019-2023

Concept, Design & Presentation
Stichting Vrijescholen Athena
Concept & Design Annual Report 2019-2023 Vrijescholen athena

For Stichting Vrijescholen Athena we designed a new, clear and striking format for their strategic annual report 2019 - 2023. The next four years are colorfull ones…

Praktijkopleiders Magazine Cover

Team Hilgersom
Magazine cover about practical trainers in the metal industry.

Our third cover design for Metaal Journaal Magazine. This issue is about the important role of the practical trainers in the metal industry.

Inland vessel infographic

Infographic / illustration
Team Hilgersom
Infographic about the construction of an inland vessel

Our second infographic in the section 'How does it Work?' for Metaal Journaal magazine. An infographic about the construction and facts of an inland vessel.